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Lack of China Growth Limits Nike’s Upside

nike-hyperdunk-china-pe-0Nike (NYSE:$NKE) broke above $50 per share, a significant resistance level, after announcing better than expected results coming from North America in their last earnings report.    Overall, global future orders are due to rise 6% through April, out of which the North American and Western European future orders are up 14% and 10% respectively.  But, Nike’s future growth is not predicated on North American growth, a saturated market, but rather China and other major emerging markets and there the picture is more muddied.  In this article we’ll go over the earnings report and lay out a potential trade based on Nike’s current performance and price.

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Oil and Gas Servicer Warnings Present Good Opportunity

oil-and-gas-services-CompanyThe world’s leading oil and gas service company Schlumberger (NYSE:$SLB) released an earnings warning due to project delays in Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States and Africa as well as a slowdown in drilling activity in North America. Earnings therefore are expected to be up to $0.07 lower than expected.

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Comcast’s Olympic Sized Albatross

Comcast corp. (NASDAQ:$CMCSA), the largest US cable operator in terms of revenues and the parent of NBC, has announced that NBC Universal broke even for the London Olympic Games broadcast. Advertising revenues increased by 50% over the Beijing Olympics (2008) to $1.25 billion while it paid $1.18 billion in obtaining U.S. television broadcasting rights.

Comcast’s 2nd Q results show that it continues to lose Pay-TV and gain broadband customers. Revenues went up by 2.2% from the previous quarter to $15.2 billion while profits increased by 32% from $1.02 billion in Q1 to $1.35 billion in Q2. NBC Universal’s revenues on the other hand dipped slightly to $5.5 billion due to Battleship’s poor box office performance with an $83 million loss.

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Cyclical Events Dominate WPP’s Revenue

The world’s leading advertising company, Ireland’s WPP, released its first half results for the current year and profits increased by 12% year over year but in the same breath reduced its annual growth forecast from 4% to 3.5% based on the worry that American and Western European customers are becoming increasingly cautious with their marketing budgets.

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ManU Really Stepped in it

Honestly, with the way things are going for U.S. IPO’s this year one has to wonder just what people are thinking in setting these things up.  First we have Facebook (NASDAQ:$FB) which Morgan-Stanley (NYSE:$MS) hypes to the moon and back again, taking the IPO price from around $10-12 per share in November to $38 per share by the time the IPO occurs.  We all know what happened after that.  The underwriters spent most of the afternoon supporting the IPO price that first day and it cost hundreds of millions of dollars to do so.

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Peter Pham is an author, international fund manager, and a registered financial director by the Cayman Monetary Authority (CIMA). In 2013 he published his first book entitled, The Big Trade: Simple Strategies for Maximum Market Returns. He currently manages the portfolio of a global hedge fund and runs an asset management company, Phoenix Capital.  (read more)

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