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Amazon Continues to Confound Critics

a.com_logo_RGBAmazon (NASDAQ:$AMZN) recently released its quarterly results in which its sales increased by 22% to $21.3 billion – approximately $12 billion in North America and $9 billion overseas – but it missed analysts’ estimate by $900 million and the market’s reaction was brutal; causing its shares to drop by 6% in the trading day. The company’s net income dropped by 45.2% to $97 million, an EPS of $0.21 which was 7 cents below analysts’ estimates. But the numbers are nearly meaningless because Amazon’s business model continues to confound valuation metrics.

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AWR Lloyd Partnership

I recently accepted the position of Director of Southeast Asia for AWR Lloyd, a research and advisory firm that specializes in commodities, energy and infrastructure across Asia.  I've been working in this capacity now for the past few weeks.  AlphaVN and AWR Lloyd have a strategic partnership that will greatly enhance our ability to bring the developing Southeast Asian story to our readers.  The full announcement is here:

AWR Lloyd is proud to announce that Peter Pham, Managing Director of  has accepted the role of Director of Southeast Asia.  In addition   to this Peter will also take over day to day operations of our Vietnam office in Ho Chi Minh City as well as spearheading the development of a new Research division.  This agreement begins what is hoped to be a long-term partnership between the two firms.  In a very short time has proven itself to be a unique and powerful voice in Southeast Asia’s financial media.  Beginning today is now considered to be a part of the AWR Lloyd Group as the two firms begin their cross-promotion partnership.

Regional Growth Fueling AirAsia’s Growth

Malaysia’s AirAsia, the continent’s biggest discount airline, is looking to buy a stake in the Serbian JAT airways after a very good 2nd quarter put it in a comfortable position to expand its regional carrier business.  The Serbian government has been looking for a buyer for their unprofitable carrier since 2008 and both the President and Prime Minister are in Russia looking for buyers there as well, despite the failure of Aeroflot’s acquisition attempt four years ago.

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New Rules Threaten Singapore’s Casinos

While gambling in Singapore is still a relatively young industry, the government’s control over unwanted behavior in the island city-state is not.  The latest rules passed have made it clear that Singapore is very serious about maintaining a short leash on its two casinos operated by Las Vegas Sands (NYSE:$NVS) and Genting Singapore (AMEX:$EWS).  Both of these casinos have proven to be a smash success in the island city-state so much so that the Marina Bay Sands is LVS’s best performing casino in its portfolio in just over 2 years of operations. 

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Banking on ASEAN Growth

Last week I began a rundown of the iShares MSCI Singapore ETF (AMEX:EWS) highlighting three of the principle holdings of the fund to acquaint investors with one of the most important centers for growth in the coming years as well as becoming one of the most important financial centers in the world.  

Since this week the West has been rocked by the fraud perpetrated by Barclay’s (NYSE:BCS) over the fixing of the LIBOR it seemed like an opportune time to run down some of the major banks in the Singapore.  In the previous article DBS Group (DBS:SP) was profiled so there’s no reason to recycle that.  

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Peter Pham is an author, international fund manager, and a registered financial director by the Cayman Monetary Authority (CIMA). In 2013 he published his first book entitled, The Big Trade: Simple Strategies for Maximum Market Returns. He currently manages the portfolio of a global hedge fund and runs an asset management company, Phoenix Capital.  (read more)

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